Sponsor- A- Student Campaign

We’ve heard stories of children with weakened immune systems. We’ve seen images of youth blighted by relentless hunger without access to schools, trainings, and livelihoods. We know the breadth of poverty and its devastating effects on communities.

To this end, through a “Sponsor a Student” campaign, the Little Engine Project is hitching it’s wagon to fund a Youth Leadership and Poverty Reduction Conference in the Philippines. The over 100 participants belong to some of the poorest families in the country and some are even the first in their families to finish elementary school. All participants despite odds are enrolled at university and have decided to continue to play a role in enhancing their lives and of those in their communities and in their region.

filipino youth

The Conference seeks to:

  • Empower youth
  • Develop leadership skills of youth
  • Promote youth participation in poverty reduction through education, service learning, and community outreach


At the end of the campaign, all donors who sponsor a student will receive a profile of their student.

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Donation Total: $60

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