Abracadabra translates to “I create as I speak” in Hebrew. I chose abracadabra as my word of the year, for me, 2016 is the affirmative beginning of my life being a magical expression of creation.
Back in February, I had a very vivid dream where I was completely at peace wandering in a place that I had never been. My alarm clock went off at 5:45 a.m. and I earnestly wanted to return to my dream. Each morning at 6 a.m. a group of friends and I would get on a call and set our intention for the day. On this particular call, I told the girls that I was moving to Cape Town. I was not exactly sure why after all I had never been there. I was not sure that I knew anyone living there, but I was certain that there was something guiding me toward Cape Town.

It Was All A Dream
Fast-forward and here I am in Cape Town, the natural beauty of this place pleasantly overwhelms me. I traveled to South Africa alone with two intentions—1. Meet and connect with people in Cape Town 2. Experience the city
I met some of the most amazing people. I took the Landmark Advanced Course at the Cape Town center and spent a few days in a transformational conversation around what it is to be a human being. I hiked Table Mountain. I danced the night away, experiencing Cape Town nightlife. I rode around the city in a Porsche Carrera– taking in the sights, sounds, smells, and horsepower. I ate at a wine vineyard, letting the sun beam on my face. I shared a toast and a host of stories and experiences with one of Cape Towns influential change makers. I explored coffee shops, left my phone in an Uber, got my phone back. I walked along the beach, and let the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean waves sweep across my feet. I shared, fellowshipped, and connected. I allowed people to contribute to me. I made friends.

waterfront sketch

I met a man on the V&A Waterfront, he walked up to me and said: “Hey Are you Obama’s daughter?” I smiled and said no. (I had been getting Thandie Newton the entire trip) He pointed me out to his friend, who looked at me pensively before saying “you have very piercing eyes, I can draw a lot from the eyes, they are the window to the soul” again I smiled and said “well what are my eyes telling you?”, he said, “you have peace, love, and abundance all around you.”

My plans for the next day included Robben Island. I headed back to the V&A Waterfront to catch the boat only to realize I had misread the departure time. Deciding what I wanted to do as an alternative, I hear someone call out “Hey Obama daughter.” I look up and laugh after noticing the two guys there. They insisted that I take a gift they had for me near their storefront, one of them handed me a plastic bag with a portrait of myself inside. My initial reaction was “oh my goodness this is scary.” The artist smiled and ensured that he started with my eyes and just continued to sketch. Also included in the bag was a book of poetry. He hoped that he would see me again so he could give it to me.
The words in the book and the photo struck me in my Uber ride back to the apartment. I got to step aside and see the person I had been traveling with–She’s fun and adventurous. She’s compassionate and trusting, curious, shrewd, and optimistic. She loves with her whole heart. She’s highly intuitive and a bit telepathic. She draws a lot of attention without effort. She often defaults to being aloof and spacey. She’s quite an over thinker, rather non-committal, and she hates letting people down. Sometimes I find myself admiring or triggered by such traits in others, completely forgetting that they are admirable (or not) because they first exist in me.

Table Mountain

Owning My Creations
I quickly realized that traveling solo would require me to be present in a way that has formerly been a challenge for me. Being present, for me, requires a level of vulnerability I am not always willing to allow. I experimented with this notion on my trip. I fully committed myself to remain present, connected, and curious during my entire stay. I also experimented with a context for my trip that everything that I experienced was by choice.

“I have literally created this experience. Something within me is so grand, so powerful, so vast, so beyond anything that scientists have ever come up with, that I have literally crystallized into the field of experience an awareness of being a body in space and time! It has come forth from the field of consciousness, the gift to me of God, who asks only that I learn to create as God creates.”

– Excerpt from Way of Mastery, Lesson 2

I was consistently in awe of my surroundings and myself. Everything was aligning so perfectly. The people I was coming in contact with were perfect. The weather was perfect, in fact, there was overcast and rain my first day in Cape Town I declared that it would be warm and sunny during the days I was out and about in the city. The days I was out hiking and exploring the city the weather was so outstanding that people made it a point to tell me that I picked the best time to come because Cape Town had not experienced such perfect weather in some time. Scenarios like these had me excited about the thought of creating as I speak, I smiled upon the accuracy and perfection. I thought for sure I had this abracadabra thing down pact.

On my way to the airport to head back to the states I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness come over me. It felt like I was leaving home and I did not want to. I held back a tear as I gathered my belongings and headed into the terminal. I handed my travel documents over to the ticketing agent for check-in. With a puzzled look on his face, the agent informed me that my ticket had been canceled prior to me arriving at the airport. I was highly irritated. A few calls were made and eventually Delta did rebook me back on the flight. However, at that point, it was a full flight and the only seat available was a middle seat. Yes, a middle seat on an ELEVEN-HOUR FLIGHT! Needless to say, I was livid. I complained and vented before finally boarding the plane with an attitude. Once I got settled into my seat and had a moment to reflect, my creation resonated with me. Just as perfectly as I created my trip, I also perfectly created the airport fiasco. I resisted leaving Cape Town so much so that I made some really distinct statements like– “no one can make me get on the plane” and “what if I misread the time my flight departs and it already left?” Through this experience I got really clear on abracadabra, I can create as I speak for better or for worse. This whole notion begs the question… What are you creating?

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  1. Robert Duncan November 6, 2016 at 8:40 pm Reply

    Thank you. I really enjoyed coming along with you on your trip to your home and your foray into you as a creator.

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